Jodé has always cut a dash in stylish, quality clothes with a twist in texture and design.

Seeking outstanding garments and wearing them with elegance was a perfect pastime.

But, in the summer of 2004, whilst wearing of one of her tunics in the South of France, passers by stopped her in the street to ask her where they could buy one.

She decided to have a few made, and that's how the Jodé label was born. 

Sophisticated, Stylish, Stunning... This is Jodé philosophy and since then the response has been awe inspiring.

From the South of France to London, Rome and Miami, Jodé can be found in upmarket boutiques all over the world. All Jodé dresses, tunics and skirts are hand made and their vibrant silks, cottons and velvets are intricately embellished with beads and crystals that make a woman feel truly glamorous and special.

In short, Jodé is GLAMOUR! x


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